J-1 Update: Closed & Filling States

Among both the shaded and unshaded states, many will likely close their deadlines at the end of 2017. However, many of these will open a phase 2 or phase 3 application period and try to fill all of their slots before the next application cycle. Need Help? Reach out to us here if you have… Read more »

Physician Moms Group and Resolve Announce Partnership

Columbia, MO – Resolve Physician Agency (Resolve) and Physician Moms Group (PMG) are announcing a partnership to empower women physicians as they negotiate employment terms. The two organizations will begin actively integrating their services this week. This partnership will streamline the contract review process for PMG members who are looking for female-friendly contract terms which are… Read more »

J-1 Update: States Closing Fast

States are beginning to close rapidly only a few weeks from their opening days. These include states that typically aren’t as competitive, such as Missouri and Arkansas. Keep in mind that every state allows for 30 waiver spots, but there are some exceptions and unique conditions.  Additionally, the competition for spots in some states is… Read more »

J-1 Update: Deadlines

Monday, October 2nd is when most states started accepting applications for the Conrad 30 Waiver program. Now every state J-1 Waiver Program is currently accepting applications, with the exception of Ohio. Keep in mind that some states fill much faster than others and a number of states have deadlines coming up for 2018 physicians. Here are those states… Read more »

J-1 Update: State Updates and Reminders

Some states started accepting applications for their Conrad 30 programs earlier this month. Here is an update on states that are filling quickly: Texas  As of September 14th, they have 29 applications. The application period was Sept 1-14 and it is likely closed now, unless they did not receive a full 30 applications. New Mexico… Read more »