J-1 Update: Competitive States

For J-1 physicians, the level of competition for jobs varies from state to state. Most states open their application on October 1st, and in the most competitive states, these positions fill up within the first few weeks, or even days, of opening.   Additional state facts: Ohio – Typically opens late. For example, they didn’t… Read more »

Physician Contracts: Leaving Your Practice

Physician turnover has unfortunately become more common in medicine. With a health system that is increasingly subjected to tighter budgets and other financial constraints, physicians are pressured to quickly prove their worth, or move on. This has created a system where physicians are often working for a various employers over the span of their careers,… Read more »

Contract Attorneys Can Help Close the Physician Pay Gap

Harvard Medical School and Massachusetts General Hospital recently conducted a comprehensive study to take a closer look at the pay gap between female and male physicians. What they found might not be surprising, but it is still frustrating: On average, female physicians earn $20,000 less than their male counterparts. The study reviewed the most obvious… Read more »

Relocating For The Family

When taking a new job as a physician, there are a lot of things to consider in regards to relocating. If you are still single, the only thing to worry about may be having a yard for your dog to play in – but when there is an existing family or plans for one in… Read more »