Six Reasons Physicians Should Say No to that New Job Offer

Maybe you have just begun your first job search, or maybe you have decided to move on with your current practice and explore new opportunities. In either case, there are few red flags you should watch out for when considering a new practice. These potential negatives pertain to both the short-term and long-term success at… Read more »

What is in Your Benefits Package?

The financial value of your employment extends beyond just the stated salary in your contract. While compensation numbers are often what draws your attention first, the benefits package can be equally important in maximizing the value of your contract. We often hear about benefits in a general sense, but what actually comprises a benefits package?… Read more »

Navigating Hospitalist Work Schedules

Hospitalists have become a critical provider of care of hospitalized patients. The creation of the Hospitalist position came from the need for physicians dedicated to hospitalized patients who were experiencing increasingly complex health issues. This type of care has resulted in shift-type work schedules and added the challenge of communication and continuity that is critical to… Read more »