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Physician Moms Group and Resolve Announce Partnership

Columbia, MO – Resolve Physician Agency (Resolve) and Physician Moms Group (PMG) are announcing a partnership to empower women physicians as they negotiate employment terms. The two organizations will begin actively integrating their services this week. This partnership will streamline the contract review process for PMG members who are looking for female-friendly contract terms which are… Read more »

Contract Attorneys Can Help Close the Physician Pay Gap

Harvard Medical School and Massachusetts General Hospital recently conducted a comprehensive study to take a closer look at the pay gap between female and male physicians. What they found might not be surprising, but it is still frustrating: On average, female physicians earn $20,000 less than their male counterparts. The study reviewed the most obvious… Read more »

What is in Your Benefits Package?

The financial value of your employment extends beyond just the stated salary in your contract. While compensation numbers are often what draws your attention first, the benefits package can be equally important in maximizing the value of your contract. We often hear about benefits in a general sense, but what actually comprises a benefits package?… Read more »

How Medical Service Shortages Affect Compensation

One of the issues at the forefront of healthcare is the physician shortage the U.S. is presently facing. It is important for all residents and practicing physicians to understand how this shortage could affect the job market, especially compensation. Economics One of the central tenants of economics is that as supply decreases or remains stagnant… Read more »