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Six Reasons Physicians Should Say No to that New Job Offer

Maybe you have just begun your first job search, or maybe you have decided to move on with your current practice and explore new opportunities. In either case, there are few red flags you should watch out for when considering a new practice. These potential negatives pertain to both the short-term and long-term success at… Read more »

Job Search Mistakes to Avoid for the Post-Residency Physician

Now that you’ve completed the long and arduous training that is your residency, you face a new challenge: finding the right practice. Unfortunately, this process is not as simple as it may seem for individuals with specialized and highly demanded medical knowledge. There are a number of considerations that physicians fresh out of residency need… Read more »

Factors Affecting International Medical Graduates in the US Healthcare System

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  International medical graduates play an important role in meeting the healthcare needs of the US population. Various studies place the number of IMGs practicing in the US at anywhere from 25 to 30 percent of the entire physician population. These physicians often end up practicing in underserved areas, such as with the Conrad program… Read more »