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Physician Contract Review and Negotiation

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Resolve takes the guesswork out of finding the best physician contract review attorney for your employment contract. We have thoroughly vetted and contracted with one of the leading physician contract review legal teams in the nation.

Their experience reviewing and negotiating physician contracts from every specialty, in every state and with every major health system creates untold value for our doctors.

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Why Choose Resolve

Resolve’s specialized service connects you with the most qualified physician contract attorney to analyze your contract, interpret complicated clauses, address missing needs or unfair clauses and compare your offer to other physicians in your specialty using both internal data and data from the nation's largest physician compensation survey. Depending on your package, the lawyer Resolve connects you with can also negotiate on your behalf – at no additional charge.

Other benefits of Resolve’s physician contract review service includes:

  • Flat-rate pricing, with no additional or hidden fees
  • Flexible consultations with your attorney to better fit your busy schedule
  • Three packages to choose from for employment contracts, plus services for Physician Partnership Contracts, Exit Strategy and Renegotiation for physicians already practicing.

Physician Contract Review FAQs

  • FAQs

    What is Resolve's contract review process?

    Resolve makes the physician contract review process simple. You can start the process online here or by speaking with a representative at 877-758-3318. After signing up, you can book your attorney and upload your contract. Your attorney is able to review your contract in as little as 24 hours after signing up, which especially helpful for time-sensitive contracts.

    During your call with the attorney, you will discuss the issues found in the contract and receive a detailed document outlining your offer compared to national and regional medians using MGMA’s compensation survey and our own proprietary data. Your attorney will advise you on what steps to take and can also negotiate on your behalf, or provide coaching on how to handle negotiations, at no additional charge.

    *Basic contract review clients do not receive attorney negotiations and are an email-only service, therefore they will not book a time to receive a call.

    What packages do you offer?

    Resolve offers three packages for employment contract review, as seen below, and also offers attorney review and negotiation for partnership contracts and exit strategy, as well as renegotiation for current contracts.

    Why use benchmarking data?

    Resolve uses both internal data and national compensation survey data. The more data points we can provide, the better when it comes to negotiations. The survey data used is physician-specific and compares your offer to other physicians in your specialty and in your region.

    Are there actually no additional fees?

    Not only does Resolve pre-screen each attorney, but we also have negotiated a set flat rate for all legal services. This ensures there are NO additional fees or hourly rates for your contract review services.

    What are your negotiation procedures?

    All of Resolve’s contracted attorneys have years of experience negotiating with health systems and their legal teams; however, attorney negotiations are not mandatory. If you feel negotiations would be better received coming from yourself, your lawyer can coach you through the process to ensure things run smoothly.

    Are you a law firm?

    Resolve is not a law firm. We do the hard work of finding, screening, negotiating rates and connecting you with the best physician contract review lawyers.

    Are you available in all 50 states?

    All attorneys are available to review and negotiate your contract in all 50 states. In addition, our contracted attorneys have extensive experience in every state, every specialty and every major health system.

Resolve is Your Trusted Team

Physician Contract Review Packages

  • Basic Review
  • $449
  • $87 average savings
  • Attorney notes via email
  • Compensation analysis
  • Benefits analysis
  • Start Today!
  • Fixed Review
  • $649
  • $423 average savings
  • Attorney notes via email
  • Compensation analysis
  • Benefits analysis
  • Phone consultation and email correspondence with attorney
  • Attorney negotiations with employer (at your choosing)
  • Start Today!
  • Full Access
  • $899
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