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Physician Job Search Checklist

The number one mistake of residents and fellows is not thinking through their personal criteria before starting their job search. Resolve understands this can be a difficult process, with many items to consider, which is why we have put together the checklist below, outlining key dates and items that young physicians should consider when searching for a job.

Resolve is not a recruiter, but works for the physician to find the ideal job, providing unique insight into the items that truly matter to physicians when conducting their jobs search. If you have any questions on the job search process, or would like to have Resolve find your next job, fill out our short form here.

Know What You Want - 18 Months Prior to Graduation

Choosing the Practice Type

______ Solo practice

______ Small group (2 to 5)

______ Medium group (6 to 15)

______ Large group (15+)

______ Out-patient clinic or urgent care

______ Hospitalist

______ Research position

______ Academic position

______ Industry position

______ Administrative position

______ Public health position

______ Student health clinic

______ Government position (VA)

______ Locum tenens

Note: Those interested in Academics should begin their job search as soon as possible, providing a full 18 months to find their position.

Choosing the Practice Location

Geographic Region

______ Northeast

______ South

______ Midwest

______ West

______ Pacific


______ Fewer than 50,000

______ 50,000 to 250,000

______ 250,000 to 1 million

______ More than 1 million

Proximity to Family and Friends:

______ Miles

______ Not Important

Spouses Preferences:

Lifestyle Considerations: (winter sports, boating, etc.)

Prepare for the Search - 18 Months Prior to Graduation

______ Write a CV and a cover letter that can be modified for each submission.

______ Have CV and cover letter reviewed by trusted advisors for feedback.

______ Assemble a list of professional references.

______ Broadly consider all possibilities and further discuss with your spouse or significant other.

Note: To reduce stress, ensure your spouse or significant other is on board with your job search criteria before starting.

Begin the Search - 12-18 Months Prior to Graduation

______ Finalize criteria for your ideal job and location.

______ Reach out to anyone you know who might have leads that match your criteria.

______ Make a list of possible locations/opportunities to research and consider.

______ Make inquiries by phone or by sending your CV and cover letter.

______ Arrange to take time off for on-site interviews.

______ Complete phone interviews.

______ Narrow the field.

______ Complete on-site interviews.

______ Narrow the field again.

______ Review offer(s) and make a decision.

______ Have a physician contract attorney review your contract.

______ Negotiate and finalize contract.

______ Decline offers that don’t fit. Employers would much rather hear a respectful “no” than stringing them along until the offer expires.

______ Secure office space and order equipment (if applicable).

______ Apply for state medical license, professional liability insurance and hospital privileges.

______ Complete paperwork for Medicare and insurance providers.

______ Meet with an accountant and/or financial planner.

Note: Some employers will require state licensing before considering an application. Take this into consideration when deciding if a geographic location is right for you.

Taking on the physician job search process alone can be a time consuming and difficult task. Resolve does the search for you, widening your search field by finding all available opportunities that fit your specialty and preferences.

Resolve also offers an attorney team and financial advisors to review your contract and negotiate on your behalf, taking the guesswork out of determining the contract’s fairness and value.

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