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Client Stories

Michael O, MD

“This was my first job search out of training. I had a nearly impossible task in front of me. I had already been looking for a job for nearly a year without any substantial progress. I was starting to lose hope and was moving closer to settling for the next job that came ‘close enough.’ From the get-go, Resolve helped research and follow up on possible leads with potential practices. They pounded the pavement for me until realistic offers started to appear.

When it came to negotiating an offer, Resolve led me through the maze of competing offers and made sure I was getting the very best package possible. Most of all, I never felt like I was navigating my first job search alone. I always felt that I had trusted, professional advice and experience on my side.”

Matthew P, MD FRCSC

“I was looking to join the staff at the institution where I did my training. I felt my negotiating power as an internal candidate needed some bolstering since the chairman knew me as his resident. I heard about Resolve from a faculty mentor. I was surprised at how well the chairman responded to having a third party involved in the negotiations, even if it took a while for him to warm up to the idea.

Resolve negotiated on my behalf and promoted my strengths better than I would have ever felt comfortable doing myself. They helped me distill my career goals into contract clauses and got me a better deal than I would have known to ask for. I can’t put a price on the anxiety they spared me.

My agent advised me to look at other employment opportunities before deciding on my preferred job and he took the initiative to find some alternatives. I chose not to take his advice and did not explore other options. I’m very pleased with the package Resolve negotiated for me, but next time, I will make better use of their services, especially in identifying competitive options.”

Josh H, M.D.

“After hearing horror stories from colleagues about searching for jobs after completing training, I began looking for other options. They had told about how much effort and energy it took to find job openings, the time it took to set up phone interviews and on-site interviews. It sounded very daunting.

Resolve Agency had come to talk to my program and they seemed to have the solutions to the job search problems. Throughout the process, the people at Resolve helped me through the process. It was great to have someone with you through the journey, someone with experience and the ability to give objective feedback. From finding job opportunities and helping set up interviews, to contract negotiations, Resolve was with me throughout the entire process. They were able to help guide me through the process and help move thing along while I was busy with clinical responsibilities.”

Kevin L, MD

“It’s very difficult to find the perfect job coming straight out of residency. I was tired of getting endless phone calls and emails from physician recruiters that touted ‘too good to be true’ positions. I was able to tell Resolve what type of practice I was looking for, what part of the country I wanted, and what perks that were specific for me and my family. They did all of the legwork of finding positions, several of which were not being advertised. They had the knowledge and expertise to equal the playing field when it came to negotiating the contract.

It’s easy to feel like the cards are stacked against you, but Resolve made me feel like I was truly able to make an informed decision about starting a practice. There’s no doubt that I ended up in the best job possible because of their help. When it’s time to move on, I plan on using Resolve again.”

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